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The 3rd Dimension of Java Freedom

Posted by lancebyoung on January 23, 2004 at 10:47 AM PST

The Introduction

Our grand project at ASIX, Inc was to both build a business
framework in Java and a business application on top of it. Tragically,
the contract for the application fell through and ASIX is left with a
framework. The framework was designed to simplify the building of
standard business applications. ASIX is wondering if there is a market
or interest in the industry for this type of framework. This situation
has prompted me to discuss the desire for freedom that led me to Java
five years ago when I started building this framework.

Why write another framework when so many others are available?
Actually, there has been very little effort in the Java industry aimed
at building tools that focus on business application developers. Some
companies have started exploring this area, but their solutions tend to
tie the developer to a particular server vendor. If vendor independence
is a nice to have, but not a deal breaker, then what about technology

The Why

What if there was a tool that allowed technology choices to be
deployment and not development decisions? What if during the
development process the whole application could run in one JVM to
maximize developer productivity, while for production the application
could run on several machines in a distributed multi-user environment
with no code changes? For a project with a lifespan of more than six
months it is best to keep the technology decisions open and be able to
choose the best solution today and a different best solution tomorrow.

Commonly, all of the core technology decisions are made before a
project starts and it is unlikely that any flaws in those decisions
will be corrected as the correction may force development to be started
over from scratch. The common wisdom is that, if you initially choose
wrong you loose.

What we want is to be able to initially decide to use EJB

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