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Posted by larry_nelson on February 6, 2005 at 11:32 PM PST

What a great Super Bowl this year! New England now owns two professional titles:

  • New England Patriots => National Football League's Super Bowl
  • Boston Red Sox => Major League Baseball's World Series

As New York Yankee fans, I can tell you that my wife, two boys and I are none too happy about this. Be that as it may, Boston and New England have earned our hearty good cheer for a productive year in professional athletics.

When it comes to professional athletes and the good fortune many of them enjoy, I am reminded of a cartoon I saw a few years back that showed a panel of "the way it is" and the "way it should be." "The way it is" panel showed an athlete driving a luxury vehicle and a teacher driving an economy car...."the way it should be" showed the reverse. This is not to take away from professional athletes' good fortune...they participate in high stakes entertainment and are rewarded according to the way their system allows.

It does highlight how the contributions educators make to our children and society as a whole are not rewarded as much as perhaps they should be. We are fortunate to have as many great people as we do contributing to education around the world despite a dearth of resources.

To these educators I give an even greater good cheer!