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10-year anniversary using Java

Posted by larryjava on May 9, 2012 at 9:18 AM PDT

Hello all. My name is Larry Fernandez and I am a Principal Software Developer in IT.
I work for Amway Corp in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
March 2012 was my company's 10-year anniversary using Java. We have over 1 million lines of J2EE code in production,
with more on the way. I have been here since our "Java" beginnings and I have played many roles
(developer, architect, project manager, etc.).
We started with no Java expertise or experience. Today, we are active members of the Java community.
I am honored to be given the privilege of telling our story. There have been many episodes, twists and turns, and
genuinely "great" moments in our Java adventure here at Amway IT.
Stay tuned.


waiting for your funny stories :-)

waiting for your funny stories :-)