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Before Java there was ... C

Posted by larryjava on June 11, 2013 at 4:06 PM PDT

Learning Java (or any programming language) can be a great challenge.
Any group of developers, learning Java, will bring with them a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
In our case, our first Java project began with developers that had COBOL language experience.
Our second Java project, began with developers that had RPG language experience.

Even though COBOL and RPG don't "look" like Java, those developers still had
a number of skills that helped them make the transition to Java ...
logical thinking, analysis, problem solving, etc.

In my case, I had many years of experience as a C programmer before I learned Java.
My transition to Java was easy and fast.
I immediately noticed the similarities between Java's and C's language syntax.
Time and time again, during our Java training classes, I kept thinking to myself, "This is just like C!"

Like Java, there are many products and add-ons available to the C developer.
Like Java, C has a vast number of resources available to share code and to educate.
C, like Java, has a rich history filled with colorful personalities and is constantly receiving
contributions from a vast array of developers.

From large applications to small applications, the C developer can create any kind of app.
Just like the Java developer.

The biggest difference, I noticed, between learning C and Java is that C was not considered an object language.
Thus thinking in terms of objects is not required in C.

So my transition to Java was easy. Maybe easier than most.
I feel very fortunate to have worked with a great language, C, and then work with another great language, Java.
Who says lightning does not strike more than once in the same place?


Fak yoooo thanks for helping meh. meh a dead man now mon.

Fak yoooo thanks for helping meh. meh a dead man now mon.