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Is it THAT time of the year already?

Posted by larryjava on August 25, 2013 at 1:03 PM PDT

Very soon, it will be time for the annual Java One conference in San Francisco, California.
Thousands of Java-fanatics will make the journey to my favorite city "by the bay" (and my home town).
Thousands more Java-fanatics will not attend (including me) and wish they could.

I hope all attendees will have a great and productive time at Java One 2013.
My general advice to attendees is, "Make the most of your time there."

If I attended, my strategy at Java One would be the same one I use at other professional conferences\events I attend.

1) Learn everything you can - Attend as many technical sessions as you can. Ask questions of the presenters.
Pick up as much technical literature as you can. Attend as many vendor demonstrations as you can.
2) Find out what others are doing - During breakfast and lunch, sit with other attendees and talk to them about what they are doing.
During receptions or after-hours events, chat with others about what is happening in their company.
3) Tell others what you are doing - Shake lots of hands and give others a 30-second re-cap of what you and your company are doing.
Meet with vendors at the vendor expo and let them know what you and your company are doing.

Learn, Find, tell.
I am usually exhausted by the end of such a week. But I say to myself, "The greatest week ever!"

Learn, Find, Tell.
Safe travels and good luck, Java-fanatics!