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My First Java Post

Posted by lifemichael on September 12, 2010 at 1:51 PM PDT

My first experience with software development took place when I was 12 years old. I can still recall my mom taking me to my first software programming course. The year was 1982. I was still a child. The course took place in De-Shalit high school (Rehovot, Israel) in a class equipped with big black and white TVs connected with Sinclair ZX-81, the first personal computer in the world, equipped with 1K RAM memory. Basic was the first programming language I learned.

My first program was a racing car game. Given the limited Sinclair ZX-81, it was based on big black rectangles that represented the cars. In 1983 I started to attend youth software programming courses delivered in Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel). I believe it was those courses that set the seeds for turning software development hobby into profession.


I can still recall those green monitors we had in Weizmann Institute labs, where the courses took place. The courses focused on the Pascal programming language and they served as a great path for learning beautiful software development topics, such as recursion, data structures and sophisticated algorithms.



My second personal computer was General 64B, an Apple II E compatible desktop. It cost $1000 and it had 64K. I can still recall buying a special card that enabled Cobol programming.

The years passed, and when I reached high school I was lucky to take part in science youth camps, that took place during the summer in the Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel). It was my first time meeting so many geeks in the same place. Socialization with the other geeks (boys and girls) was amazing and some of the friendships created in those camps continued throughout the years. It was those youth camps where I experienced a functional programming language (Lisp) for the first time.

With the emergence of Java in 1995 I found my self gradually into this domain and in 2001 I chose to delve into the Java ME world. I probably was the first (or one of the first) developers world wide who started to develop Java ME games and applications for mobile telephones world wide. Shortly after I changed my company business and chose to focus on the development of Java ME games and applications. It was a great experience through which I learned in the hard way that technologies continuously change. 

In 2006 I chose to change my core business back into what I love most and focus on training together with endless learning. Though my Java remains my core domain, I am no longer into Java only. Nevertheless, Java is still the core. Everything is eventually related to Java. 

I want to thank for the opportunity I received to blog at I hope that I will find the way to use this blog for the benefit of all Java people world wide and use it together with my main blog at in an effective way. 




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 hey, i remember the swimming

 hey, i remember the swimming pool at the weizman institute ( i went there once or twice perhaps circa 1981 ).  my dad was a researcher there.  we lived in ashkelon.

hi eitan

 i cannot believe how small is our world...  the internet since 1995 just makes it smaller... yep... they have a nice swimming pool... i can recall it as well.