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NetBeans and Java Web Start

Posted by lordy on February 16, 2006 at 3:03 PM PST

Hi and welcome to my first blog entry.

Today, I want to write about two topics I really like: NetBeans and Java Web Start.

Web Start is my first choose for application deployment, but the JNLP files offers you many option, and it is hard to remind everything. The support of JNLP files in NetBeans was bad, not even the standard xml editor features works.

With NetBeans 5.0 Module Development was made easy, so I also wanted to create a module, something useful: JnlpMultiView. A visual editor like the editor for web.xml files.

I finished it last weekend and uploaded it on monday: Here you can get JnlpMultiView.

The end of the story? No. Under friends, we have this joke: What is better then one pizza? Two pizzas. What is better then on beer, two beers. You get it?

So what's better then one module for JNLP? Yes, on tuesday the NetBeans Teams released "Netbeans Module for Java Web Start" through NetBeans Update Center, a secound module for JNLP.

Sure this is a thing I have not planned. I real was surprised to read this in issue 52638.

I hope I have enough information about my module on his homepage, so check it out. So for the end of my first blog entry, some more informations about "Netbeans Module for Java Web Start"

After the install of the module, you can create a new JNLP file over the "New file..." dialog, you can find it under "Other".
But that isn't the best way, I preference Project Window -> Context Menu of Project Node -> Java Web Start -> Enable Java Web Start


This creates a JNLP that already contain correct jar elements and main-class setting for the current project.

What for a luck, I also can discover something about my third main topic: Mac OS X. After "Enable Java Web Start" a Resolve Reference Problem arises on Mac OS X. It needs the jnlp.jar. Jnlp.jar can be found in the samples directory of the Sun JDK, but where can I find it on Mac OS X? Apple hides it under /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java Web in case of 1.4.2 and /Applications/Utilities/Java/J2SE 5.0/Java Cache in case of 5.0.
On Mac OS X current "Run with Java Web Start" and "Debug with Java Web Start" look broken, but by my tests on Windows it works fine.

"Enable Java Web Start" also adds you a web project folder, and you maybe guessed it, "Deploy with Java Web Start" starts the bundled Tomcat and you can click and run it!

Here some screenshots of "Netbeans Module for Java Web Start" (click to make it large):

JNLPGeneral JNLPResources JNLPXml

Btw, if you use NetBeans as Plattform, JNLP support is already there. You can find about it at the end of this blog entry.

So now let us Web Start the world!

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