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For you guys that work on Mac OS X: ProLocation

Posted by lordy on January 19, 2007 at 2:49 PM PST

First of all, this is the second and last time I will blog here about a Mac OS X only application. The first time was here, about OMiC a Apple Mail Plugin I created to co-work with people who use Microsoft Outlook and send such winmail.dat files to me.

In future, I want to blog such topics on my new blog, so if you interested in Mac OS X development, feel free to read it.

Now to the new application, currently it addresses two issues:

1. When you come from Microsoft Windows, you know and love this "Map Network Drive" Feature. On Mac OS X you must always mount manually the share, and when the server gets down, you must manually mount it again.

It is even uglier when you use a laptop, then with every location change you must redo the work.

2. Power of Airport and Bluetooth. Again, you use a Laptop to work, and at home you connect over Airport and use your bluetooth mouse, but at the company you use ethernet and so turn airport power off. And in the train or the coffee with the too small table for a mouse, you turn again airport and bluetooth off to save battery.

ProLocation extends the idea of the locations in Mac OS X. Just switch the location to where you are, and bang, you are done - everything is mounted and the power of Airport and Bluetooth is managed for you.

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