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My predictions for the computers future

Posted by lucastorri on May 15, 2007 at 8:19 PM PDT

"Look mom, I'm on ".
Yeah, that's my first post and what a better way to introduce myself than telling what I believe for the computers future. I'm not Nostradamus, but also give my shots.

But before talk about the future, lets go for a walk in the past. No, not the dinosaurs epoch, a little bit further. The year is 1965 and our character is Gordon Moore, familiar name? Well, basically this guy noticed that from times to times a computer would have a smaller/faster processor (more complex) having a price reduction compared to it older versions, or something like that, meaning more per less. This is called the Moore's Law.

So, if you start walking from that year, checking computers evolution across the time, you will see the mainframes, desktops, laptops, palmtops and today the cell phones that are taking the market. Wasn't the guy right? Computer are getting smaller and due it prices are appearing in more quantity. Very smart this Moore one.

And what about now... I mean, the future! What (I believe) awaits for us?

Computers everywhere! In every kind of object you can imagine: in your desk, your pen, your clothes and even on you (hey, nanotechnology is coming up). Your refrigerator can checks milk is finishing and order more, by you walk in the house the current monitor content goes to a nearby place and even your nanobots can say to you that drinking that much coffee isn't healthy ;)

Sometimes I get imagining about the infinite possibilities and the whole bunch of crazy ways objects can interact to each other and with the environment. Maybe one day you will have lunch and your rice (yes, your rice) will start talking with your beans in the plate:
Fritz, the rice -- Hey beans, cold right there?
Jack, the bean -- Uh, freezing.
Carlo, the plate -- OK boys, I will heat you up.
The entire food set -- OH YEAH, thanks Mr Plate.
(and everybody gets happy with the hot meal).

Just kidding, I' not sure silicon is not part of human diet...

Computers all over, helping each other and helping you. And you may ask, where Java enter in this "crazy" new world? Well, everywhere too. So, take care next time you hear about Java Beans, better check twice. =)

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