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Configuring a Sun Ray Server

Posted by lucastorri on December 22, 2007 at 12:31 PM PST

Here in Fundação CERTI, where I'm allocated as a Campus Ambassador, we have received a donation of 17" screen Sun Rays and a great Workstation that I had the opportunity to install Solaris and Sun Ray Server on it.

The Solaris installation was really simple, just inserted the cd and followed the steps. The Workstation has two Ethernet interfaces, that are called in the system as nge0 (Gigabit) and nge1. We have chosen to use nge1 to connect to external network and nge0 to create internal network for the Sun Rays.

After configured the nge1 through the Solaris wizard, we have installed the Sun Ray Server with the cd that comes with the Workstation. Just run a few commands and followed the steps on then (in the respective order: "/cdrom/cdrom0/utinstall", "utadm -a nge0" and "utconfig") and there it is, a set of Sun Ray Clients working using just one machine.

The workstation and a Client:

Some of the other Clients:

Sun Rays are great! I invite you all to take a better look and see more details here: