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Sun SPOT more Open Source than ever

Posted by lucastorri on January 30, 2008 at 8:33 AM PST

After releasing the Squawk VM as Open Source, Sun announced yesterday that has open sourced the SPOT libraries as well, under GPLv2. SPOTs are small, Java-based, wireless devices developed at Sun Labs. This libraries include the code responsible for wireless communication, sensors control and security at the devices. The news was published in the forum and can be seen the the project website:


Roger Meike, research director at Sun Labs, said: "We created this technology to inspire students and educators to develop new, creative and useful applications". Also, he says that the decision of open sourcing the SPOT libs are based in the commitment to support the growing community of developers.

These are great news for we, SPOT lovers, and the Open Source community. Thanks!

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Same for me, cause I'm from Brazil. I got mine from a friend that came from US. But I know they are working to bring them to all countries.

Nice to hear. However you can only get a SPOT if you live on US, which is not the case for many of us. :(