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NetBeans 4.1 code freeze

Posted by ludo on April 12, 2005 at 5:17 PM PDT

"Bonjour, comment Java?"

This Friday will be code freeze for the href="">NetBeans
4.1 release... What? I cannot
code anymore in this branch? Oh well, so I must have  free
time to entertain this blog I created long time ago... Netbeans 4.1 is
not yet out of the door, and people are already asking about the
content of href="">NetBeans
4.2. Come on! 4.1 is not enough?
Faster, cleaner, simpler... ANT based, JDK 1.4/J2SE 5.0 ready (oops
this was already there last year in NetBeans 4.0), multiple source
roots, test roots, CVS-PCVS-VSS, HTTP monitor, Swing form editor, and my favorite one: finally J2EE 1.4
support. In a one click installation, you have the IDE, the Ease of Use
J2EE wizards and the necessary J2EE 1.4 runtime environment ( href="">the
Reference Implementation), free.

One click install, and you can create web applications, EJB Modules or
J2EE Applications, add servlets, JSPs, EJBs (all of them), create web
services, consume web services, use databases, call other EJBs,
refactor your projects including deployment descriptors, and of course
run or debug them in a one click popup menu that will build, assemble,
start the server, deploy and display the correct URL...

Not ready yet for the jump in J2EE land? Need some help? Here it is, in
the embedded href="">Java
BluePrints Solutions Catalog,
available from the help menu, that provides ready to use J2EE solutions
with a complete description of the problem and how it has been
addressed by the J2EE gurus...Click on the button to install the solution, and you are
ready to learn/run/debug/modify/refactor/explore from within the IDE.

Suddenly, the IDE becomes much more than an IDE, it becomes a learning and
training tool..It sheds light on J2EE development and how easy it becomes when the correct tool is used.

With all that, why would we need a NetBeans 4.2 or NetBeans 5.0 ?

Let us know :-)