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Bugs, bugs, bugs...

Posted by ludo on May 26, 2005 at 9:21 PM PDT

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style="font-weight: bold;">Bonjour, comment Java?

Bugs, bugs, I see dead
bugs walking...Yes, new JSRs are created every month...
Yes, every day, new products, patches, update releases, dot dot
releases, hot fixes are
shipping, and bugs as well....

Kazem, my friend (I create bugs, and he finds them), has a little
secret. He is also a talented bug cartoonist. If you like the
selection on this page, make sure you see them all from his hilarious
href=""> title="" alt="farewell"
style="border: 0px solid ;">
href=""> title="" alt="features"
style="border: 0px solid ;"> Do you remember your
first bug?

First Mozilla bug: href="">507

First Netbeans bug: href="">1401

First Eclipse bug: href="">1518

First Java bug: href="">1183103

First Java bug assigned to Gosling: href="">1184392

(According to the Sun bugtraq system in the Java category).

The document used for this bug still exists under this href="">
link  ncsa icon src=""
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Engineers. QE, RE, Doc writers: can you share your funniest bugs?


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