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Java EE 5 JavaOne activities

Posted by ludo on May 10, 2006 at 9:19 PM PDT
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Bonjour, comment Java?

Java Bien and JavaOne. Yes, JavaOne is around the corner, and it is
driving all the Sun Java Engineers and Managers crazy: ship this,
announce that, demo this, hack that, document this, interview that,
publish this, ignore that, etc, etc.

So here is my crazy schedule:

  • Tonight: write this blog
  • Today and tomorrow: prepare some href="">J1
    key demos, and work on fun
  • Friday night and Saturday:  meet with some
    key NetBeans folks coming from Prague and polish the href="">NetBeans
    Day preso, and J1 session talks.
  • Sunday: Dryrun the href="">NetBeans
    day, and setup href="">J1
    Keynotes demos
  • Monday Morning: setup J1 Keynotes demos, because of
    course something will go wrong, right?
  • Monday afternoon: Present the new href="">
    Java EE 5 support
    in NetBeans 5.5
  • Monday Afternoon:  The new href="">NetBeans
    IDE Field guide book signing session at NetBeans day
  • Tuesday morning: href="">J1 Keynote
    demo setup
  • Tuesday morning:: href="">J1 Keynote
    demoer:  Java EE 5 is here today, and you can use it! Bill
    will prove it's easy...
  • Tuesday afternoon:  Give J1 session: href="">TS-3361 
    Java™ EE 5 Platform: Even Easier With Tools
  • Tuesday evening: technical rehearsal for J1 session
    TS- href="">1549
    - Debugging
    and Profiling J2EE/Java EE 5 Platform-Based Applications
  • Wednesday: free: I can talk to people and attend J1
    sessions, and of course BOFs
  • Thursday: give J1 session talk: href="">TS-1549
    - Debugging
    and Profiling J2EE/Java EE 5 Platform-Based Applications
  • Thursday night: more BOFs
  • Friday: land on planet earth and reconnect with my
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title="GlassFish @ JavaOne"> src=""
Ludo, looking forward to meeting many geeks next week...