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jMaki Ajax framework, Phobos (JavaScript) and jRuby on Rails on Java EE...

Posted by ludo on December 6, 2006 at 8:24 PM PST

Bonjour, comment Java?

Today is the 1.0 beta release of the href=""> jMaki framework.
I've been involved almost from the begining to work on the IDE
integration. Try it out, it is really cool.

Today is also the first time the JavaScript server side (and client)
runtime (Project
, announced at JavaOne 2006) has some advanced tools
support (via NetBeans 5.5 or above plugins). The href="">Phobos
modules integrate nicely with the href="">jMaki
NetBeans plugin to offer Drag and Drop jMaki widgets inside
EJS files (embedded JavaScript views). One module also introduces
JavaScript Server side debugging in NetBeans. If you know how to use
the Java debugger, this server side JavaScript debugger will be piece
of cake:-). I will present this technology at href="">JavaPolis
next week in Belgium. One exciting area we are investigating
is the usage of the Dojo (0.4.1) framework on the server side: yes:
dojo is available via jMaki in Phobos and can be used on the 2 tiers:
client (in the pages rendered by a browser) and in the server:-). Of
course, all the Java APIs or Java EE 5 APIs (JPA persistence, JavaMail,
Web Services) are available on the JavaScript server side via the Rhino
"Packages." directive. Really cool to take advantage of these existing
APIs in a scripting environment (save and page reload...No more
deployment). For even better and faster productivity, the Phobos
runtime can either run embedded inside NetBeans (same VM, so extremelly
fast startup time), or be packaged in a standard Java EE WAR file,
ready to be deployed to any server.

this week is also very productive regarding href="">
jRuby on Rails running inside the Java EE 5 GlassFish server.
If jRuby is  something you track, make sure you read these
blogs: href="">blog1
and href="">blog2.
If you also read href="">Tor's
blog about jRuby, you'll have a chance at undestanding what's
cooking int he scripting area.

So if you are around next week at JavaPolis and you want to see what's
cooking around JavaScript, jRuby, Java EE 5, GlassFish and NetBeans,
stop by...

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