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Posted by ludo on March 5, 2007 at 9:18 PM PST

Bonjour,comment Java?

I'll be attending EclipseCon this week in Santa Clara, CA.

EclipseCon.png src="">

I've added all the area-of-interest stickers on my badge,
even if I am a bit disappointed to not see any sticker for href="">Java EE 5 - href="">GlassFish-
(the spec that was delivered a href="">year
ago), or Scripting,
or Phobos...

If you are around and see my badge, and have some interests in these
technologies, stop by and say "hi"...

If you cannot make it in Santa Clara, I'll be in Paris for the href="">Sun
Tech Days in a few days...

Otherwise, you can always spend some time testing the new href="">DWR
plugin we've just posted on ...