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Phobos Editor in NetBeans 6.0

Posted by ludo on June 6, 2007 at 9:11 PM PDT

Bonjour, Comment Java?

Why is it only under pressure that 'things' can get done? Today, I
was working more or less in parallels on a  href="">jMaki NetBeans
update, a new Phobos
update,  an improved NetBeans
GlassFish V3 plugin, a href="">new GlassFish V3
Eclipse 3.3 plugin, an update of the Eclipse jMaki plugin to also
support Java EE 5 web apps, downloading the Eclipse WTP 2.0 RC2,
building NetBeans 6.0 daily from source (big big changes coming, mosly
good stuff in preparation for Milestone 10), and then my manager asked
me an innocent question regarding Phobos:

  • "Since Phobos is all about JavaScript on the Server Side
    and on the Cient side, how can you make the difference when a user is
    editing an EJS (Embedded JavaScript) page that contains both server and
    client JavaScript?"

Ouch...He had a good point...NetBeans 6.0 has an EJS editor on its
update center, pretty good so far, but you could not find easily if a
JavaScript statement was for the server side or the client side... I
just updated this EJS editor so that the background color would be different (Client or Server), as
seen in the following image:

cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">
alt="1" src=""> alt="2" src="">


You'll notice also that all the Phobos libraries (library.*) are available
via code completion, thanks to Roberto that can produce a code
completion database in JSON format via a Phobos tool... The
documentation is also online at: href="">

and in the NetBeans editor.

All this work has to be done before I go on vacation, back to France in
Ajaccio (Corsica) and Bourg de Batz (Britany), 2 of the nicest places on

A Bientot,


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