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GlassFish V3 Prelude Update Tool

Posted by ludo on September 10, 2008 at 3:12 PM PDT

Bonjour, comment Java?

GlassFish V3 Prelude development is in full speed. Yesterday, I was
happily surprised by the ease of use of the GlassFish Update Center...
For some reasons (installing iTunes 8.0 and QuickTime), I had to reboot
my MacBookPro, and on reboot, I noticed a nice "Update Tool Notifier"
on my desktop:

style="width: 329px; height: 245px;" alt="a"

Woa...Nice...So I clicked on it, (expecting for a failure as GlassFish
V3 Prelude is still under development), and the GlassFish Update Center
tool showed up:

style="width: 1038px; height: 617px;" alt="b"

Nice, very nice: I had GlassFish V3 Build 21 installed, and the Update
Tool was showing some updates for the newest Build 23....As you can
see, some components are bigger, some others are smaller. So I clicked
on the Update button and the download process of the components started:

style="width: 549px; height: 221px;" alt="b"

After 30 seconds of download and installation time, I was ready to play
with the latest GlassFish V3 Prelude bits...This was a very pleasant

Good job Update Tool team!


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That is good, but I can't help think that whoever designed it did so on a Mac and never thought about Windows; it looks aweful! I'd love to jump in and update it... but sadly I don't have the time.

funny, glassfish has a better update center than NetBeans ;-) But I am not sure about its usefulness, you usually deploy everything necessary and never touch the server again until you have to..

Excellent!! It's great to see GlassFish Update Center in action :-)