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NetBeans: the Java EE 6 IDE

Posted by ludo on August 3, 2009 at 3:40 PM PDT

Bonjour Comment Java?


today is some type of historical milestone for Java EE 6: This is
Milestone 1 of NetBeans 6.8 and Java EE 6 support with the latest
GlassFish v3 (build 57). The bundle is only 132Mb and contains
everything you need to start with Java EE 6: the IDE, the Java EE 6
current runtime, the JavaEE 6 JavaDocs (for code completion), the
JavaDB database, and very very cool features from the plaform or its

  • No Need for web.xml in Web Application  (and
    support for web-fragment.xml)
  • Servlet Annotations
  • EJB inside Web Application Projects
  • Embedded Web Browser for fast testing (Mozzilla XULRunner)
  • GlassFish v3 build 57 pre-registered
  • Stellar GlassFish v3 startup time 
  • Stellar Deploy on Save for Java EE projects (redeploy in
    less than a second), with Session preservation
  • JSF 2.0 and Facelet Support
  • Java EE 6 Javadoc (preview) in Code completion (not many
    IDEs have this support:-)
  • Singleton EJB support
  • All current Java EE 6 APIs available: 
    • REST JAX-RS 1.1 and associated wizards
    • JAXB 2.2
    • Metro 2.0
    • JAX-WS 2.2
    • JPA 2.0
    • Beans Validation Framework
    • etc...
  • Maven support

And more and more (i.e all the NetBeans 6.7.x features as well).


and get the Milestone 1 bits at href="">


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The root tag of the document should contain the xhtml namespace xmlns="". OTOH I have changed the bahaviour so the ns declaration is not necessary recently. Please try latest daily build, there are more changes there. Then file an issue with steps to reproduce if it still doesn' work. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. Marek Fukala (

Yes, EE6 and correct name spaces. I think my problem is that I use h:head and h:body tags. When I started a new project, I saw that the template.xhtml just uses head and body. And it got really confused by f:metadata. Just doesn't seem to be quite ready for JSF 2.0. I'll file a bug report.

even with ( using xhtml and correct namespace declared?

Hi Ludo, I tried taking it for a spin, but I couldn't get facelet page editing to do anything useful. The editor insisted that the facelets pages were plain HTML files. Is there some secret switch? Thanks, Cay