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Where's the marketing occurring? Subliminal messages in technical articles of course.

Posted by malcolmdavis on April 22, 2004 at 11:15 AM PDT

When reading “ASP.NET and Struts: Web Application Architectures”, I was expecting to see a comparison of the 2 web techniques, ASP.NET and Struts. Instead, a continuous theme of “why .NET is better than J2EE” underlies the article.

Anybody with J2EE knowledge can find hordes of problems with the article starting with the comparison drawing. For example, you get the idea that JDBC is not part of the core API, and all J2EE database access is via JDBC. What happened to EJB and JDO?

Of course, J2EE and J2SE API are complex and obfuscated while the BCL is "rich and extensive". Even if critiques of the API layer might have merit, what is it doing in an article about ASP.NET and Struts?

I will avoid my long tirade of things wrong with the piece. As we mature we cultivate a sense of skepticism, we expect problems with articles, plus marketing occurs. However, Microsoft takes the art of self-promotion to an entirely new level with the sub-conscious attacks on Java.

My history is composed of over 6 years of Microsoft development, so really none of the discussion is new. Yet looking back, I did not realize the level of subliminal messaging I was receiving. [Maybe there should be a new Subliminal Messaging API . :-) ]

However not all is lost. Based on the article evaluation at the bottom of the page, apparently Microsoft developers expect more than technology hype.

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