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JavaOne Blog 3: Not just free tools, but free services.

Posted by malcolmdavis on May 9, 2007 at 7:09 AM PDT

Many years, (back in software stone age), it took a great deal of resources for developers to create, sell, license and promote software.

Now, developers can get the tools to develop and deploy for free, or
virtually free.

However, resource channels for marketing a specific application can be
cumbersome and expensive.

For instance, Intuit charges for various levels of participation in the channels that promote and market an application.

This typical US corporate model includes items like license and verification fees, and marketing costs.

Some companies like OrangePartners, have removed entry barriers for the

OrangePartners work with developers that want to get mobile devices to end-users.

OrangePartners provides services to verify ME device compliance. There are no licensing or promotion fees normally associated with business startups.

OrangePartner makes money on margins. The more successful the application, the more money for the developer and OrangePartner.

This is not an entirely new model. However, with 100 Million subscribers, Orange controls a valuable door to small businesses.

However, instead of the typical corporate fee model, Orange has opened the door for all. Just join.

[PS: During JavaOne, you can visit Orange in the pavilion area.]