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Java Applet background issue

Posted by malcolmdavis on November 11, 2010 at 11:10 AM PST


In the docs, Java Applets default background is white.

During deploy, the background can be modified.


The Applet box is black not white.   I’m not sure when the change occurred, nor why the color was changed.  No matter what I do, the box is black for some small period of time.

The issue occurs in all the browser I've tested (FireFox, IE, and Chrome)

I have tried images, changing the Applet load attribute boxbgcolor to '#ffffff', and setting the Applet background color init.

Any ideas?

Anybody know why the default background color was changed? 

Was black just in fashion at the time?



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Java Applet background issue

I have the same problem, but only for firefox, not IE. The configuration is Windows XP, firefox 3.6 and java 1.6_023.
The temporary black applet background is very annoying and I did not find a way to solve the problem. It seems to be black only in the time until the applet starts itself, so I am not certain, if it is really a java issue or a firefox issue.
I searched a lot, but I did only find Malcolm to have the same problem. So perhabs is this problem restricted to my particular configuration? Malcolm, which OS and java version did you use? Of course, there is the difference in regard to IE, anyway. As said before, the latter works fine for me.