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Java wakeup call from support. Urgent deployJava.js issue

Posted by malcolmdavis on November 29, 2011 at 12:03 PM PST

I awoke to my mobile ringing.  Our support staff was having issues. (The beauty of the web is everybody around the world can use your application, the ugly part of the web is everybody is using your application 24x7.)

Pages are broken and things are not displaying.

I GTM(gotomeeting) with the support staff to see the issues first hand.

Things are working for me, but not support.  Pages are working for some customers and not others.

  • I clear my browser cache.
  • I tried again.
  • Things are now broken for me.

Things were working yesterday.
No changes were posted recently.
The only thing that is dynamically linked in is Java's deployJava.js from

I did some testing and sure enough deployJava.js was the problem.

  • I found a local copy on my machine,
  • I posted the local copy to production,
  • I changed all pages referencing to the newly uploaded production copy.
  • Everything is now working.

What a morning.

Lesson learned: Don't reference deployJava.js directly from the site.

Now the bigger issue:
Could others that directly reference deployJava.js from still hurt us?
How many of our third parties sites and services are dependent on deployJava.js from

Amazing that a simple link can cause so many problems.

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Would be nice to know what was actually "broken"...

Would be nice to know what was actually "broken"...

I guess it would be nice, but I don't think it's necessary. ...

I guess it would be nice, but I don't think it's necessary. At the time of incident, I did a quick code compare of mine to the live version.  They looked to be 2 very different codebases.

When involved in a small start-up with hundreds of clients using the product all the time, there is very little time to find out why some third party software is failing. Determining the cause and solution is enough and move on.

One of the beauties of JIDE is that I simple report the problem in the way of a unit test and JIDE does the rest. I really don't care as long as my unit test works.