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Posted by malenkov on April 13, 2009 at 4:00 AM PDT

Last week I attended SunTechDays in Saint-Petersburg, which was my third time participating in the conference. It was the only SunTechDays event in Europe this year.

I've been working at the JavaSE booth nearby the JavaFX one. It was easy to notice that the JavaFX booth attracted a lot of visitors. There was a big line to play the Puzzle game and to win something. All the competitions are finished by now, but the game is still available. Dare to try!

After the dinner I attended some presentations about JavaFX given by my colleagues. There were a lot of people in a lecture room, many listeners had to stay because all seats were occupied.

I met many friends from the local divisions of Borland, Motorola, Yandex, etc. It was so nice to hear their positive comments about the conference.

I missed the second day to prepare some slides for the JavaFX seminar I held together with my colleague from Mobile Java. This seminar was scheduled on the third day of the conference, which is traditionally called the University Day. There were more than hundred participants who listened to our presentation with genuine interest. Although some of their questions were quite tricky, it was a very useful experience for me.

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I'm higher than Duke!

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