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How to make money with Mobile

Posted by maltron on April 23, 2007 at 8:28 AM PDT

Although I don’t have the official numbers, I’m sure most of developers are looking a way to make money with their mobile applications. Some may find really hard to develop a business model, so you can offer Java mobile applications to millions of hunger consumers out there.
One thing that we, mobile developers must understand, it’s that we develop mobile applications for mobile users (not a regular desktop or web user). That changes about everything on how you look at the user. Here are some features that our mobile user has:

1 – He/she is not sitting in chair and usually, he/she is walking towards some place

2 – He/she wants simple buttons to press in order to obtain some real information

3 – He/she wants to do something useful on his way home, work, college and etc.

4 – He/she wants to get more information as possible in a very tiny screen

Of course, I’m sure people would say that mobile users might need a lot more than this, but I think we could start thinking about those issues, when we’re developing our mobile application. Understanding the needs of our mobile user, it’s the key of how to make money in the mobile world.

Ever since I’ve started working with mobile applications, I’m noticing a great number of tools, techniques, books and articles and business cases to deploy very high quality mobile applications on the market. I’m not sure yet if consumers are totally aware of the offer currently available, but it’s getting there.

In the beginning, it was mobile versions of desktop applications like office suite, web browser, zip files and PDF readers. Today, they’re realizing that mobile user is happy with the possibility of open a Word document but, it gets disappointed that editing or looking for a big pictures it’s kind hard due display limitations. This is something that we need to overcome in our mobile applications: Mobile applications that it matters to mobile users.

I’m not saying that I know all the answers for the next generation killer applications for mobile, but I’m pretty sure that it will come in 2 years (maybe less), for several reasons:

1 – Carrier’s bandwidth is getting cheaper and data plans are reaching users on reasonable prices

2 – Mobile phones are getting cheaper

3 – More and more mobile phones are coming with some awesome technology, like JME (not mention all available API’s)

4 – More memory and more processor power is start to kicking, enable more features on the phone, such as 3D or voice recognition.

I’m sure it will take some time, until consumers realize the power they have in their fingertips. One day, they will wake up and realize that they won’t need computers like today. Instead of sitting down in a chair and reaching the information, the information will be wide available in your pocket, wherever you go. If we could reach that point, I’m sure tons of money could be made.

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