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The beginning of Tomorrow's Computer

Posted by maltron on May 10, 2007 at 4:38 PM PDT

Think about tomorrow’s computer and what is the first picture that comes to your mind ? A faster computer ? A smaller computer ? A little device talking to you because you asked where is the next theather ?

Well, I think tomorrow’s computer is NOTHING. We’re not going to have any computer at all, because software will be everywhere and you won’t notice. Maybe part of your clothing, your shoes, your wallet….everything will be part of tomorrow’s computer and those “things” will be communicating with each other, giving information all the time and also reading us everything that we do and feeding back us with more and more. It certainly will be excited moment when we reach that point.

I just can’t say when exactly we’re going to have tomorrow’s computer in our hands but I think we’re facing what it can be the beginning: Sun SPOT’s.

Those are little devices with plenty of sensors like compass, accelerometers, light sensors and etc. It doesn’t have neither a display or a keyboard, but you do can use it Java on it. Those devices can be used in a more different ways and it’s totally worth looking it.

So far, it costs US$ 550 and it’s only available in the US, which it’s a bit too much for my taste but I’m pretty sure that costs will get lower as people gets more interested on it.

Right now in JavaONE, there are plenty of sessions and I’m can only hope that people will transform their software project into a hardware project, so people start developing tomorrow’s computer….right after on this Saturday, when JavaONE is over 

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