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September: The Month of Java in Brazil

Posted by maltron on August 5, 2008 at 9:27 AM PDT

From September 10th till September 30th, Brazil will host several Java Conferences in 14 different cities, giving the comunity hours of deep technical content with the best Brazilians names in the comunity and some international guests as well. If you're anywhere near, those are the places that you will find events and the dates.


This is a calendar of events during the "Month of Java", including Brazil's national Java Conference: JustJava'2008.


And not forgot to mention, we are going to end up the month with Sun Tech Days

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Tudo bem Maurício? muito boa sua passagem aqui por Fortaleza. Muito proveitosa. Gostaria de parabenizar em nome do Cejug Você, o Bruno Pereira e o Kohsuke pois fizeram ótimas apresentações. Segue abaixo o link da página do anivesário com vídeos de vocÊs. o teu saiu meio amador, por que na frente tava tudo ocupado. espero que tenha gostado. seja sempre bem vindo a Fortaleza! ah, da proxima vez tu nao fica perguntando pro kohsuke se ele ainda quer comer. ele nao parava :D Valeu!!! René Araújo Vasconcelos

See this portuguese page, for more information about this event.


Very cool. Just reposted to

-- Terrence

Hey Maltron, I would like to see if you will be present at all these conferences... wanna bet ? hehe :D

I want to now more details over the Belo Horizonte/MG Sun Tech Days MG-GUJ.... please... notify me....

What a month.

Hello Mauricio... I work with Nichole and Sun Tech Days team...and also Bruno Souza in the past... Very cool initiative u got there--know many of those JUG leaders. Reggie is looking at this schedule and plugging in evangelists to some of those cities... as our schedule permits. Cheers Aaron Houston -- Program Coordinator Java User Groups: Java Champions: Technology Outreach: Sun Microsystems, Inc Menlo Park, Ca

Ola, Gostaria se possivel de mais informações ou onde posso encontrar sobre o evento que vai acontecer em Maringa - RedFoot Dukes Maringa Att. Paulo Rogerio

Hey Terri. This events will occur in Brazil only.

Would you please add Software Freedom Day. It is an annual event taking place on the third Saturday in September. thanks, terri