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Javali 2009 - Java Open Source@FISL

Posted by maltron on July 7, 2009 at 4:01 PM PDT


Everyone is start to getting exciting about upcoming FISL (the Free Software International Forum), which it's the 10th edition and promises alot of surprises. Last year we had 6.000 attendees and plenty of technical talks coming from several International speakers from all corners of the world.

A few days before FISL, SOUJava (Brazil's largest User Group) and RSJUG is putting together another edition of Javali: Open Source Java Technologies event. The Brazilian Java Developer community is one of the most organized in the World and Javali has being a tradition among the community. Most of the talks focus are around what the community are doing with open source in a daily life.

This year, we had the privilege in having some great names from the Java Community such as my good friend Arun Gupta, giving a talk about GlassFish (One of the fastest Application Server around), Roger Brinkley brought his wonderful toys and showed us some cool projects in the Mobile&Embedded Community; Vinicius Senger (one of the few Brazilians speaking at JavaOne), gave a wonderful talk about comparing diferent Architectures

SERPRO, one of the most serious Brazilian IT companies and in charge of developing Java applications for the Brazilian Government (such as Duke Award's Tax System), provided the infrastructure for Javali this year. Using SERPRO broadcasting system, Javali was broadcast to all branches in the entire country, reaching more than 300 people in a single day.

This are some pictures of what you've missed. But don't worry, SOUJava and RSJUG is planning a even greater event next year.


Roger Brinkley, Leader of the Mobile&Embedded Community talking about the cool projects in the community


Roger Brinkley showing the Track Bots, a cool Robots based on SunSPOTs.


Vinicius Senger, one of the few Brazilians who gave a talk at JavaOne, was presenting a very insight comparison about different Java Architectures


This is me, presenting each Speaker. I had to talk in the mic, so other branches of SERPRO could hear me over the Broadcast system.


Fabiane Nardon, the Java Tools Community Leader and Leader of SOUJava, gave a wonderful talk about Hudson


Bruno Souza is the leader of SOUJava and talks about the importance of Open Source for the Brazilian Government


Arun Gupta, talking about the new features of GlassFish, one of the fastest Open Source's Application Server current in the market.


Myself and Bruno, we usually do the translation in a very cheap fashion. We asked people to bring an ordinary FM Radios and we start to broadcasting using a specific frequency. It's being worked so far :)

This is Bruno doing his part of translation


Brian Leonard gave a talk about "Developing beyond localhost", showing how to develop a web application for several platforms. His approach was to show several OpenSolaris's technologies such as ZFS, DTrace and VirtualBox to get the application running smoothly on Windows and Linux.


As Brian Leonard goes with his talks, he starts to presenting different technologies in order to solve a very simple (and common problem) among developers: Deploying a application in diferent platforms.


Vinicius Senger has 2 great passions: Cook and Code. I still double what he likes the most and let's face: Isn't code and cooking pretty much alike ?


Javali started at 9.00am and it goes all day long. Nevertheless, you don't see anyone leaving the room.


Marcelo Carius is also a SOUJava Leader and he has giving a good talk about Corporate Environments using Java.


This is my turn of doing the translation. Pretty tuff job, but I have to be honest: it does a BIG difference by the end of the day.

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