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"Serializing Data with Protocols" & "Apache Thrift IDL" are new to The Programmer's Guide to Apache Thrift + 45 off

Posted by manning_pubs on August 28, 2013 at 3:58 PM PDT

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The Programmer's Guide to Apache Thrift by Randy Abernethy has been updated!

What's new?
•Chapter 1-3 have been updated and the following chapters have been added:
•Chapter 4, "Handling Exceptions"
•Chapter 5, "Serializing Data with Protocols"
•Chapter 6, "Apache Thrift IDL"
We have three new chapters ready for you. Chapter 4 examines the exception processing features and components of the Apache Thrift framework. It looks at predefined library exception classes used by Apache Thrift and also examines features supporting user defined exceptions in IDL and RPC. Chapter 5 takes a look at the Apache Thrift serialization protocol layer and builds some simple serialization examples with each of the three protocols: Binary, Compact, and JSON. Finally, chapter 6 explores the features of the Apache Thrift Interface Definition Language (IDL) and shows how to generate cross language type serialization and RPC support code.

Please be sure to stop by the Author Online forum with any questions or comments you have about the new content and the rest of the book. We welcome your feedback!

What's next?
Chapters 6 and 7

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