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BDD, SBT, Gradle, Scalatra and Responsive WordPress MEAP updates + 45% off

Posted by manning_pubs on September 20, 2013 at 4:02 PM PDT

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BDD in Action by John Ferguson Smart
What's new? Chapter 5, “From examples to executable specifications”
Chapter 5 looks at turning the features and user stories generated through the requirements analysis phase of development into executable scenarios you can write and test code against. We hope you find this chapter useful and will stop by the Author Online forum to let us know what you think about it and the rest of the book. We appreciate your feedback!

What's next? Chapter 6 takes the executable scenarios created in chapter 5 and describes how to automate them using a variety of tools in Java, Python, and .NET.

SBT in Action by Joshua Suereth and Matthew Farwell
What’s new? Chapter 7, “Accepting user input with sbt’s input task” and Updates to chapter 3 -- In SBT an input task is any task that can accept additional user input before execution. However, the interaction between the user and the build tool is something that can be highly customized, as we’ll see in this chapter. In particular, input tasks can provide context sensitive help via tab-completion to users of the build console. Chapter 7 covers all the basics. The authors have also updated the examples in chapter 3 to clarify some confusion experienced by reviewers of the first third of the book.

What’s next? Chapter 6, “The I/O and Process Libraries”.

Scalatra in Action by Ivan Porto Carrero, Ross A. Baker, Dave Hrycyszyn, Stefan Ollinger, and Jared Armstrong.
Chapter 3, “Routing” is new! Routes are the glue that binds HTTP requests to blocks of Scala code that implement your application logic. Chapter 3 demonstrates routing by using a simple music service. It covers choosing the right HTTP method, matching path expressions, and exploring advanced routes.

What’s next? Chapter 13, “Deploying your application

Gradle in Action by by Benjamin Muschko.
What’s new? Chapter 15, “Infrastructure provisioning & deployment”
Deployable artifacts often look different by nature, follow custom project requirements and demand distinct runtime environments. While there's no overarching recipe for deploying software, Gradle proves to be a flexible tool for implementing your desired deployment strategy. Chapter 15 specifically covers how to use Gradle to provision and deploy to your infrastructure. The reason is that we are not deploying infrastructure; we are deploying the application to the infrastructure.

What’s next? With the addition of chapter 15, the manuscript is now complete and headed to production where it will get a final polishing. The author will continue to make improvements to the book and you can expect to receive at least one more update before the book is published.

Responsive WordPress by Tracy Rotton.
What’s new? A new title: Responsive WordPress: Creating modern, scalable WordPress themes. Chapter 6, “Setting Up Our WordPress Environment”
Chapter 6 is where we start to get our hands dirty. We’ve done a lot of preparation just to get to this point. We’ve planned, sketched, designed, and coded our way to a perfect prototype. Now it’s time to take it to the next step: create a home for developing our theme, and equip ourselves with the tools that will help us build it. In this chapter, we’re going to set up an environment in which we will turn our prototype into a living, breathing WordPress theme.

What’s next? Chapter 7, “Building Our Theme”.

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