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Real-World Machine Learning, Storm Applied, and Git in Practice -- MEAP updates + 45% savings

Posted by manning_pubs on January 29, 2014 at 4:43 AM PST

Real-World Machine Learning , Storm Applied, and Git in Practice -- MEAP updates + 45% savings. Use Promotional Code 012914jn at and Save 45% on these eBooks today!

Real-World Machine Learning by Henrik Brink and Joseph W. Richards has been updated Chapter 1 and 2 and added Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 covers the basics required to understand machine learning modeling. It focuses on the big-picture concepts that will help you gain a broad understanding of ML model building and quickly gets you up to speed on building your own models to solve real-world problems. You'll learn about discovering relationships in data through ML modeling, using models for prediction and inference, and building both classification and regression models.

What's next? Chapter 4, "Model evaluation"

Storm Applied by Sean T. Allen, Peter Pathirana, and Matthew Jankowski has revised Chapters 2 and 3.

What else? The authors have made several revisions to chapters 2 and 3, which should bring some clarification and make them easier to understand. Some of the changes you'll find are bug fixes, larger text for all figures, new and better figures, heavy revisions to the sections covering Tuple, Stream, Spout, and Bolt & Stream, and more concise code annotations.

What's next? More revisions to chapter 3 and a revised chapter 4 will be coming next.

Git in Practice by Mike McQuaid has updated Chapters 1-3 and the Table of Contents have been revised.

What else? The first three chapters of the book have been revised, based on a technical review and your feedback. Chapter 1 tells you how and why to use Git as a local version control system. Chapter 2 shows you how to retrieve and share changes with other users' Git repositories, and finally, chapter 3 teaches you about interacting with files and directories in your Git working directory.

What's next? A new chapter 4, "History Visualization," and chapter 5, "Advanced Branching."

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