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Join Project GlassFish, the Open-Source Version of Sun Java System Application Server PE 9

Posted by marinasum on June 29, 2005 at 1:01 PM PDT

Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition (PE) 9, slated to be open-sourced by Sun soon, is now in development. The product will be integrated with the NetBeans IDE and includes Java Enterprise Edition (EE) 5. Check it out at the GlassFish Project on First download the binary and deploy an application. Better yet, build GlassFish from square one and contribute to its development and implementation. You'll likely enjoy interacting with the development team at Sun and other community members; they'll be eager to learn from you and leverage your expertise, too.

In my recent conversations with engineers both within and outside Sun, an observation on which we all agree is that the engineer's job has evolved into one that includes engagement with the community as an important facet. Gratifyingly, the ubiquity of the Internet and telecommunications are a big help toward making that happen.

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