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Nifty Capabilities in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 Early Access, Part 4

Posted by marinasum on September 8, 2005 at 6:44 AM PDT

This is part 4 of a blog series on the superb capabilities new in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 EA. As indicated in part 1, I have Nathan Fiedler of the IDE's development team to thank for the input for this series.

Ant-Based Project System: A More Robust UI

The Ant-based project system in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8, a replica of the same system in NetBeans 4.1, brings three main benefits to developers:

  • You can now open multiple projects in the Projects window, for example, Java and UML projects, instead of only one project at a time.
  • You can run build scripts from either the IDE or from the command line. It's your choice entirely, with no differences in the process except the way you trigger the build changes: You either type at the command prompt or click a toolbar button. For a development team that has one group working in the IDE and another producing automated, nightly builds from a cron job, that means less headaches. Why? Because everyone would be using the same build scripts and would have far fewer build-related issues.
  • No more mounting of file systems! That was occasionally a confusing step to developers. Your file system is now seamless as you work with Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.

Nathan's Take

In Nathan's words: "Often, product development spans multiple projects so being able to simultaneously open them is a boon to us developers. For example, with multiple UML projects open at the same time, I can drag and drop elements from one project to another with a single mouse click. Sheer magic."

Stay tuned for part 5 please.

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