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Nifty Capabilities in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 Early Access, Part 6

Posted by marinasum on September 26, 2005 at 7:11 AM PDT

This is part 6 of a blog series on the superb capabilities new in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 EA. As indicated in part 1, input from Nathan Fiedler of the IDE's development team was what made this series possible. Thanks a million, Nathan.

UML Modeling: A Sleek Redesign for Clarity and Simplicity

A redesign of the UML diagram editor and toolbar has resulted in their assuming a similar look and feel as the other editors in the IDE. Here are a few significant enhancements:

  • The toolbar, now only one-fifth of what it was in the previous release, is much more streamlined and less daunting.
  • The toolbar buttons for creating elements in diagrams are now located in a new UML palette, where they rightly belong. In essence, these are the elements that you would want to drag and drop into your diagram.
  • When you cursor over a button, you see its name displayed alongside the button icon. Who needs that grind of memorizing what the icons represent?

Nathan's Take

In Nathan's words: "Aside from the new support for Java 5 language, what appeals to me the most in the UML module is the enhanced editor. With the diagrams being the same type of window as the other editors, you can reposition the diagrams side by side with your source code. This tighter integration with the UI of the IDE spells improved usability and shortens the learning curve. Way cool!"

This part concludes this series. Helpful to you? I certainly hope so.

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