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From the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 Team: What I Like the Most About That IDE

Posted by marinasum on October 19, 2005 at 3:16 PM PDT

Yesterday, Sun shipped the final version of Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8, only two months after the Early Access release. To the IDE's engineering team--the people who made the IDE a reality--it was a momentous day. I asked them for their take on what in that IDE appeals to them the most. Here's what six members of the team have to say."Enterprise Application Profiler in the IDE is truly impressive. I like being able to generate load on my enterprise apps without ever having to leave Java Studio Enterprise. What's more, I can obtain method-level timings from my J2EE apps at development time. That's neat!"

"I like the welcome screen in Java Studio Enterprise 8 the most as an enhancement over previous versions. As the first thing you see after starting the IDE, it leads you to the product tour and support resources. This screen also shows your recently open projects and the latest Sun Developer Network news. So much at a glance, so cool."

"I favor importing projects with Ant scripts with free-form projects into Java Studio Enterprise 8. Afterwards, the sky's limit as to what I can do--compile and build projects, perform code completion, refactor, and use advanced free-form project capabilities to debug, map IDE commands (such as Build Project, Clean Project, and Debug Project) to Ant script targets. Amazing."

"I adore the Ant-based support for projects in Java Studio Enterprise 8 for its seamless augmentation of the project build system with my own tasks. Also, the IDE works beautifully on the J2EE platform, what with its tight integration with Sun Java System Application Server 8 and nice productivity characteristics, such as access to enterprise resources."

"Three of the things that I appreciate about Java Studio Enterprise 8 are: the Ant-based project system, which enables me to work smoothly on J2EE projects; the UML project system, which brings convenience as I simultaneously tackle multiple UML projects; the intuitive Load Generator in Application Profiler, which clues me in to my system's behavior in the presence of a load."

"I find the support in Java Studio Enterprise 8 for numerous UML diagrams extremely impressive. You get an equivalent offer only in IBM's RSA. Considering that Java Studio Enterprise also delivers two other advanced and meritorious capabilities in collaboration and enterprise profiling, our IDE is truly unique!"

Quite the winner, the UML project system.

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