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Noteworthy Threads From Sun Java Studio Enterprise Forum, Part 3

Posted by marinasum on October 10, 2005 at 9:57 AM PDT

The Sun Java Studio Enterprise Software Forum is the place for you to congregate with fellow developers and the Java Studio Enterprise engineering team online: You can ask questions, post comments, discuss bugs or issues, share your thoughts about the UI, offer suggestions. Not a participant yet? Just join Sun Developer Network--for free--and then sign in and post away.

NathanFiedler.jpgThis is part 3 of a series in which I've recapped a few threads that are of interest. As in the case of a previous series, Nifty Capabilities in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 Early Access, Nathan Fiedler of the Java Studio Enterprise development team is the background hero who extracted and explained the threads to me. A salute to him.

Add-Ons for Java Tools?

As much as it remains a viable tool, Web Application Framework (previously called JATO) is not part of Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8, as pointed out by a forum participant in a recent posting. Another participant suggested that Sun distribute its Java tools as add-ons to NetBeans--after all, the tools are built on NetBeans anyway, let alone that they are all stand-alone and completely independent of each other.

In response, Charles Beckham from Sun hailed that suggestion and added that, as an advantage to developers, Sun is moving away from Web Application Framework toward the JavaServer Faces (JSF) standard. Building smaller modules based on NetBeans would help us deliver new functionalities more efficiently, commented another forum participant.

How will all that pan out? Time will tell.

Thread Details

For details, here's the thread in question.

This is the last part of this series. I hope it's of value to you.

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