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Gratifying to Hear About Sun While in Hong Kong

Posted by marinasum on December 2, 2005 at 6:10 PM PST

A home base of California does make me in many ways U.S.-centric even though I collaborate with colleagues around the globe off and on. So, while vacationing in Hong Kong in the past two weeks, it was at first a little surprising yet also gratifying to hear folks comment about Sun.A relative told me that she's familiar with Sun's iWork program and the ease of telecommuting at Sun, thanks to network computing and thin clients. On another occasion, a friend had a lot to share about the pros and cons of Linux, the Solaris Operating System, and Windows. Imagine picking up tidbits that could well be excellent topics for technical content on while on a pleasure trip! But it shouldn't have been a surprise. After all, this is Hong Kong, an international hub of commerce, the infrastructure for which is inevitably and capably fostered by high technology.

While riding the subway yesterday, I saw numerous fellow riders working with mobile devices with familiarity and ease. "You noticed how Hong Kong is getting noisier and noisier?" the friend who was with me asked. "That's largely because people are talking nonstop on cell phones when they are out and about--even when they are by themselves."

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