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What a Breeze: Creating Web Services in Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8

Posted by marinasum on March 22, 2006 at 11:05 AM PST

In a new article on, Rico Cruz and I explained how to create, in the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 IDE, the order-tracking Web service for Adventure Builder—a Web service that was mentioned in a recent paper on Sun Java Studio Creator. With the WSDL and implementation code, you need to tweak only a few settings in a dialog box, copy over the implementation code, and a WAR file is ready. The same procedure applies to Web services developed in WSDL.Rico with his extensive technical expertise deserves to be called Mr. Web Service. He's also unassuming, responsive, sensible, and level-headed, an exemplary model of an engineer collaborator who makes my job a cakewalk. Another article that we cowrote before, Accessing Web Services, might also interest you. I hope to work on more technical papers with Rico yet!

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