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First Technical Session at JavaOne: JMX Technology

Posted by marinasum on May 16, 2006 at 1:37 PM PDT

This morning, on this first day of JavaOne in sunny San Francisco, I attended the technical session, "JMX [Java Management Extensions] Technology Today and Tomorrow." JMX provides the APIs for building distributed software for managing and monitoring applications and networks.

The session, held by Jean-Francois Denise and Eamonn McManus at Sun, started with a demo on jconsole, a generic tool that enables you to see what's going on in the Java virtual machine. Also addressed were the methods for linking MBeans to applications and the JMX Web Services Connector, which is being defined by JSR 262. JSR 262 promises a JMX remote API, a natural integration with Ajax, and other enhancements. See for the specification draft and other details.Other forthcoming JMX API changes on Mustang (Java SE 6) include more powerful ObjectName wild cards, a simpler way to define annotations for MBeans, and the ability to monitor attributes of complex type. Also coming up are virtual MBeans, cascading capabilities, and annotations for MBeans. Interesting stuff!

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