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Upcoming JavaU Training Following Sun Tech Days Seattle

Posted by marinasum on August 11, 2006 at 1:17 PM PDT

On September 8, the day that follows Sun Tech Days Seattle, Sun's Java University will hold two JavaU training classes. Consider taking one of them:

  • Using Java EE Patterns in Architecting and Designing Robust Java Applications — You'll learn how to structure applications to avoid negative impacts on quality of service, such as performance, reliability, availability, and security. This class helps you prepare for the Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture (SCEA) certification.
  • Exploring AJAX and JavaServer Pages Technology — You'll be introduced to AJAX techniques and the Swing-inspired JSF framework. Also, you'll learn how to build AJAX-enabled JSF components with which to efficiently build Web applications in Sun Java Studio Creator 2 and move to Web 2.0.

See the class description and registration details. For a price of $199, including refreshments and lunch, it's a bargain!

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