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A Praise for Sunsters

Posted by marinasum on November 13, 2006 at 11:10 AM PST

For all that Sun has been through many ups and downs since 2001, I'm thrilled whenever I read about kudos of the company from outside. The Bangkok Post's recent story, Having Fun With the Sunsters caught my eye. The author talks about his experience at Sun's recent launch of the virtual world of Second Life and his subsequent musings. He quotes Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz in explaining the Participation Age:

The Participation Age, in which an open and competitive network fuels growing opportunities for everyone—not simply to draw data or shift work around the world, but to participate, to create value and independence. If the Information Age was passive, the Participation Age is active.

Sounds like that Sun, along with many other companies, is improving our quality of life. Right on.

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