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eWeek's Peter Coffee Praises the NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Enterprise Pack

Posted by marinasum on November 3, 2006 at 10:20 AM PST

Peter Coffee's new eWeek article with the fantastic title, Never Bean Better, is full of compliments for the newly released NetBeans 5.5 IDE along with the integrated NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5, which shipped this past Monday, October 30. From the welcome screen to development of Web applications to the BPEL, XML, and WSDL tools, the article is full of thumbs-up comments.To quote the article:

NetBeans Plus Enterprise Pack is thus the new center of the universe for developers who want to take full advantage of Java EE 5 right now.

Can't beat that!

Peter Coffee might yet "spend more time with this exceptional set of tools." We look forward to more of his observations.

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