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How to Deploy MediaWiki to Sun Java System Web Server

Posted by marinasum on November 22, 2006 at 12:17 PM PST

Sun engineer Sriram Natarajan and I just cowrote a new article on Sun Developer Network, Deploying Wikis to Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, Part 2: MediaWiki, which describes the procedures involved. They include how to install Sun Java System Web Server and MySQL, how to configure MySQL for MediaWiki, how to install PHP, and how to configure PHP with Sun Java system Web Server. Many details there, but all necessary for a successful installation, configuration, and deployment.In addition, the article devotes an appendix to describing the possible error scenarios, their probable causes, and the tips for resolution. That appendix would be of help, we hope, given the many dependencies in the process.

Sriram and I look forward to reader comments.

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