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Interview With Andy Bechtolsheim: Innovating in a Commodity Market

Posted by marinasum on November 26, 2007 at 12:48 PM PST

A two-week vacation exacts a high price in catching up. But I had a fabulous time in Hong Kong and Xian early in the month so no gripes whatsoever.

Speaking of catching up, I just caught up on a podcast that I'd meant to listen to for a while: Innovating in a Commodity Market, an interview by Sun VP of global systems engineering Hal Stern with Sun cofounder and Systems Group chief architect Andy Bechtolsheim. Andy starts off with the comment that many customers are running out of power in the data center so how do we improve the situation? He then elaborates on Sun's new systems, storage along with integrated software and hardware technologies, operating systems, and upcoming blades, supercomputers, and related topics. Many illuminating insights.By the way, Innovating@Sun keeps posting informative, enlightening episodes. Interested? Sign up for its feed.

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