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Authorizing With Sun Java System Access Manager the Advanced Way

Posted by marinasum on January 3, 2008 at 3:32 PM PST

Just published on Sun Developer Network is Developing Secure Applications With Sun Java System Access Manager, Part 2: Advanced Authorization, the sequel of an article series that describes how to authorize application access with a hierarchy-based resource model and interoperable Web services for .NET applications. A key task is to centralize identity and access management so as to control who can access what resources at what time.

Part 1, first published in June 2007, discusses the basics of authorization. Both parts cite a fictitious example case, EB Health, complete with architectural diagrams, procedures, and code segments. Any observations or suggestions, please post away on the feedback form at the bottom of either part of the series.Robert Skoczylas, a Sun consultant, is the technical coauthor, with whom I happily collaborated on both parts. Hats off to you, Robert.

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