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When an Assignment is Fun ...

Posted by marinasum on January 8, 2008 at 6:52 AM PST

At Sun Tech Days Atlanta (Wednesday-Thursday, January 9-10), I plan to attend and blog about a few technical sessions, in particular those that are Solaris OS-related, to learn about the latest developments of that now open-source, flagship OS from Sun. The Solaris Nevada Project, for one, I've come across in announcements and presentations, but what is it about and what has it accomplished to date? Sun chief OS strategist Ian Murdock's talk on Thursday, What Makes Solaris Interesting, promises a lot of appeal. Even though he's been at Sun for only a relatively short time, Ian's reputation of being a legendary heavyweight techie and a capable executive has permeated the hallways. I look forward to hearing his take in person.In addition, I'll interview Carol McDonald, presenter of the topic Dojo, Ajax, and Web 2.0-Related Frameworks and Toolits for a vodcast. My recent blog posting regarding Jakob Nielsen's warnings of the pitfalls of Web 2.0 and Ajax is a timely backdrop for the Q&A. I can't wait to learn about Carol's insights on this subject.

Chris Adamson, editor for, who resides in Atlanta, I've corresponded with numerous times over the years. His daily blog posting is enlightening, eloquent, to-the-point, and oh-so-humorous. The fact that he'll check out Sun Tech Days Atlanta means that we'll meet up for real. Terrific!

Besides, I'm aiming at reviving old friendships and establishing new ones with the speakers and technical evangelists. In my job, I'm constantly on the lookout for technical coauthors for articles and such for Sun Developer Network. What better place to brainstorm and solicit collaborations than a forum like Sun Tech Days?

So, Atlanta, here I come.

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