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OpenSSO Showcased and Demo'd

Posted by marinasum on May 7, 2008 at 5:17 PM PDT

Late afternoon this past Monday, Sun identity architect Pat Patterson, senior product line manager Daniel Raskin, and product manager Nick Wooler took the podium at CommunityOne on OpenSSO. In particular, they described the runtime scenario; explained Fedlets, a shining capability in the upcoming Sun Federated Access Manager, OpenSSO's twin; and demo'd the process of deploying applications and configuring OpenSSO for federation.It was fascinating to learn about the latest model of federation adopted by many enterprises: outsourcing of employee email and calendars to Google, for example, and the attendant needs for authentication across company borders. The savvy speakers had the details down pat and took many Q&As at and after the session. I wondered if Pat ran out of business cards?

Here's a recap of the session I wrote for SDN's CommunityOne-JavaOne coverage. AMIS Technology also posted a review.

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