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What's Virtual Federation?

Posted by marinasum on May 28, 2008 at 2:57 PM PDT

Sun identity architect Rajeev Angal starts a recent interview with Sun Developer Network with explaining why identity federation among enterprises, a must-do in the present-day Web economy, is a momentous challenge. Issues abound from many fronts: legacy applications, transient and transaction data, protocols, scalability.Enter virtual federation, a key capability invented by Rajeev for the upcoming Sun Federated Access Manager, which is being merged from Sun Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Federation Manager. The merged product will also be a twin of OpenSSO, Sun's open-source Web SSO [single sign-on] project. Virtual federation involves a simple, lightweight process that transmits the required data through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) version 2.

Sun Federated Access Manager will ship later this year. I'll spotlight the milestones for sure.

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Thanks for your take. I've passed it on to the access and federation management team at Sun.

I'm interested in FAM, i wish Sun could release it next summer. But I want to know if fam will be compatible with both, the current and next release of Sun Portal Server. It's frustrating that as a users we lose some nice AM features just because we've to integrate Sun portal in our architecture and therefore we must use AM in legacy mode. Hope you know the answer!