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OpenDS Standard Edition (SE) 1.0 Ships

Posted by marinasum on July 29, 2008 at 2:00 PM PDT

Today, Sun releases OpenDS Standard Edition (SE) 1.0, the supported version of an open-source, LDAP directory server. The benefits are many: easy, fast installation; interactive command-line interface; high performance; interoperability. Sun senior product line manager Daniel Raskin adds that OpenDS 1.0.0, the recently released community version, is "an embedded configuration store and user store" in OpenSSO, Sun's open Web access management project.

I also enjoyed reading yesterday's posting by OpenDS community leader, Ludo Poitou, on the accomplishments of OpenDS to date. As he points out, you can participate in the project and network with like-minded users and developers in many ways.

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Yes, it's been tested and the comment we got was : it's all worked out of the box so far. We don't have the details, but it might be a good subject for a followup article to on Sun Developer Network. Regards, Ludovic.

This is obviously a great accomplishment, but the true test of something like this is to swap it for another LDAP server process like OpenLDAP on a popular Linux distribution. Do you know of anyone testing such a use case?