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Observations on OpenSolaris by a Linux Administrator

Posted by marinasum on August 20, 2008 at 8:11 AM PDT

Earlier, Lee Bieber—an engineering manager-cum-friend I worked with at Sun before and who just rejoined the company (yay!)—pointed me to a Slashdot posting:

OpenSolaris from a Linux Admin Perspective

It refers to a recent Linux Format article that highlights the observations from Juliet Kemp, who "takes OpenSolaris for a test drive." Included are her assessments of the installation process and operations of the OS and an answer to "Why bother?", complete with screen shots.Kemp also evaluates ZFS and NFS, amusingly calling the latter's default permissions "very paranoid." In conclusion, she says OpenSolaris "boasts some impressive technology" and invites readers to "grab a copy." Do take her up on her suggestion!

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